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CTTM Ministries International
Apostolic Leadership and Direction through Coaching, Teaching, Training, and Mentoring
We conduct training seminars
in apostolic infrastructure,
protocol, and leadership
development. We also conduct
marriage seminars.

We conduct workshops in
evangelism, discipleship, financial integrity,  parenting, leadership,
and prayer development.

We teach at conferences, both in plenary and in workshop sessions as a part of the teaching, training structure.

We provide ministry coaching as a part of our apostolic development effort. With over forty years of ministry experience and a broad knowledge of the apostolic, Dr. Phil and Dr. Judy are able to coach and mentor ministry leaders in an effective way.

As vocational church leaders, the Bylers have developed an invaluable level of understanding and insight into church life, infrastructure, and ministry opportunities. As a consultant, Dr. Phil brings a fresh set of eyes to a ministry. He often sees obvious things that have been overlooked. Then, usually with minor adjustments, is able to assist the church in refocusing its direction.

Dr. Byler obtained his degree in Religious Education with an emphasis on the apostolic. As an author, he has produced significant material to assist in the development of an apostolic community. He continues to develop resource material, personally and in collaboration with other ministry leaders, to provide insight and understanding of the direction of the church in the 21st Century.

Many people desire to write books or
 to prepare other written material that will express their insights and research. In addition to C.T.T.M., the Bylers maintain a professional writing service
designed to assist aspiring authors. 

Seminars & Workshops
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To schedule a seminar or a workshop, call 706-455-1312 or email
One of the most cost
efficient and effective 
methods you can use to
strengthen the impact
of a ministry is host a
seminar or a workshop.
CTTM offers a wide list of
well developed and inform-
ative training events. We
do both ministry seminars and work-
shops to strengthen your ministry. We often combine these two tools together to elevate the effectiveness of such events.

Why should you invest in a seminar or a workshop?

(1)   The training material is already researched and developed making it possible to invest a greater concentration of energy on follow-up and follow through. 

(2)  The trainers are skilled and schooled in the areas of expertise they are presenting. This allows you to tap into proven skills and long standing insight for your team.

(3)   The trainers give greater credibility to you as a leader because they amplify your ministry and allow you to expand on their platform of insight.

(4)    People like to become involved in special training events because it focuses their efforts into a short-lived experience that is able to be applied for an extended time.

(5)   Workshops offer hands-on training that can be systematically presented in a brief time. Absenteeism is not as notable because people are able to set aside a block of time to attend a workshop.

(6)    Seminars and workshops become outreach mechanisms when you invite people from outside your church to attend.

(7)    Seminars allow you to collaborate with other ministries and ministries to train their people as well as yours. In so doing, those ministries share in the expense as well as the blessing of the seminar or workshop.